Description Edit

Storage objects are items that can hold other items, such as bags and chest. Storage objects appear to be able to hold an infinite number of items, but are restricted by the weight of those items. The weight capacity depends on the storage object.

Bags Edit

Bags may be carried in the players inventory, reducing the weight penalty of the items placed inside the bag by half. The weight of a bag is given as the weight of the storage object + half the weight of the items inside. The full weight of the items inside the bag are noted with a strikethrough.

Bags containing items can be placed inside other bags. This reduces the weight of the bag itself by half, but does not further reduce the weight of the items contained in the bag. In addition, the weight penalty of the items in the nested bag now counts towards the weight capacity of both the nested and the outer bag.

Chests Edit

Chests can be built on the ground to hold items. The player can not place items inside a chest while the chest is still in the players inventory, or if it has been dropped on the ground, rather than built. A chest containing items can not be picked up. Bags containing items may be placed in chests, but do not retain the reduced weight penalty property while in the chest.

List of storage objects Edit

Item Weight Capacity
Small Bag
A Small Bag 25
Leather Quiver
A Leather Quiver 25
A Backpack 50
Item Weight Capacity
Wooden Chest
A Wooden Chest 75
Copper Chest
A Copper Chest 100
Wrought Iron Chest
A Wrought Iron Chest 100
Iron Chest
An Iron Chest 125
Ornate Wooden Chest
An Ornate Wooden Chest 100