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Plants are all around the world of Wayward. From the smallest, such as Grass, to the largest, such as Tree's, the Player cannot live in harmony with the Island if not for plants. Plants have an extreme range and cover the world in lush colors that provide Food, Beligninity, clothing, fire starter, and much more. When the Player creates a garden for any of the former, it gives the Player positive reputation and is a great way to calm the Island and therefore makes the "game" easier.

Gardening is essential for Players who wish to live in harmony with the Island. Those who choose to be vegetarians and Taming the creatures of Wayward will have an easier time surviving. It is also a great way to keep your Maligninity down if you kill many creatures, or do a lot of Mining or Lumberjacking. Below is a table that shows the many different plants of Wayward. These range in multiple different types. These being; Compost, Cordage, Fruit, Fungus, Kindling, Medicinal, Pulp, Tinder, Tree, and Vegetable.

Harvesting a plant or Trees will give the Player +20 Reputation.

Planting a plant or Tree will give the Player +110 Reputation.

Image Name Group Harvested Items Gathered
RipenedApple Apple Tree Fruit Apple (1-5)
RipenedBeggartick Beggarticks Medicinal Beggarticks (1-3), x1 Beggarticks Seeds
Coconut Tree x3 Coconut x2 Palm leaf, Tree Bark, Logs
RipenedCotton Cotton Pulp x1 Cotton, x1 Roots, x1 Cotton Seeds
FullFlyAmata Fly Amanita Food x1 Fly Amanita
GrassTile Grass None Grass Seed (1-3), Plant roots (0-1)
RipenedMaple Maple Tree Tree x1-5 Maple Seeds, Twigs, Branchs, Bark, Leaves, Logs
Pineapple Fruit
Poison Ivy
RipenedPotato Potato Food, Vegetable Potato (1-4), x1 Leaf, x1 Potato Seed
RipenedSpruce Spruce Tree Tree x1-5 Spruce Cones, Twigs, Branchs, Bark, Leaves, Logs