Description Edit

A glowing, ethereal visage of a pirate. It appears to be able to manifest a physical weapon to attack you.

The Pirate Ghost seems to be of a low ranked Pirate, as it has stubble, what looks to be rags for clothes and a simple bandana as a hat. These versions can be quite strong and can hurt well prepared Players if they're not careful.

Behavior Edit

The Ghost Pirate sometimes appears as a guardian of treasures found at sea and can also be found roaming the overworld at night or down in the depths of dungeons. It's recommended to flee from a Pirate Ghost if the Player is un-prepared or is lacking in decent armor. If badly damaged, the Ghost will run away in an attempt to get away from the Player.


This version of the Pirate Ghost will stalk the Player while very rarely floating in an opposite direction for a few turns. It is extremely strong and can easily kill a Player in leather armor.  Animal Fat Torches don't seem to be effective as a means of dealing fire damage. If you plan on fighting this strong opponent, make sure to have a strong fire based weapon.

It is seen that the Aberrant Ghost wields two scimittar like weapons and has a large flamboyant hat. This could mean that the Aberrant version is a Pirate Captain, as it's predacessor is not as well dressed.