Description Edit

A heavy, sun-bleached animal bone, suitable for rudimentary combat, gathering, or crafting into more useful items.

Attaining Edit

The Player can get a Bone from carving Animals corpses such as; Bears, Rats, Rabbits, and Goats. It can also be gained from carving aggressive Creatures corpses such as; Skeletons, Harpys, and Zombies.

Crafting Edit

The Bone is used to make Bone Poles, from there the Player can use this to make anything that requires a "Pole" such as; Shovels, Hoes, Hammers, or even to cook food.

The Player can also craft this Bone Pole into a "Sharpened Bone" which can be used for crafting the same things as its predecessor. It can be used as a piercing weapon instead of a blunt weapon or used as a "Sharpened" such as a Knife or Sharp Rock.

From there, the Player can then craft the Sharpened Bone into a "Bone Needle" if needed. These can be used in the making of Clothes or a Suture.

None of these items can be "Dismantled".


Image Quality Durability Weight
Regular 15 0.5
Remarkable 25 0.5
Exceptional 37 0.4
BoneL Legendary 58 0.6