Description Edit

A foul, sulfurous-smelling writhing mass of vegetation, seemingly animated and alive.

Very strong and dangerous. Avoid unless the Player has Leather Armor at the least.


Occasionally spread swamp patches on the ground. These leave a tell-tale sign on the mini-map. This can be extremely helpful, as Swamp tiles can be dug up for Peat which in turn can be used with Bandages in order to make a higher healing first aid than Bandages by themselves.

Bogling's are not only aggressive but will follow the Player relentlessly and will constantly attack the Players base in order to reach them. It is difficult to outrun a Bogling but with enough work it can be done.

Aberrant Edit

Be extremely cautious of this type of Bogling. It is very strong and can damage the player easily through Wrought Iron Armor.
Bogling B
It is highly recommended to run very far away from this Aberrant creature since even a player with full Wrought or Leather armor can die easily from this Monster. Use a Bow or Gun in order to kill this savage beast.